Eqtec Gasifier Technology

Eqtec Gasifier Technology

Eqtec Gasifier Technology is a gasification technology based on a bubbling fluidised bed reactor suitable for a wide range of waste and biomass which guarantees a high degree of availability and reliability in the plants, ensuring:

  • Maximum energy efficiency (thermal and electrical)
  • Modular generation plants
  • Environmental compliance according to existing regulations
  • Operation with different types of waste and biomass
  • Excellent economic benefit

Eqtec has the know-how to efficiently convert waste into energy Eqtec Kinetic Model ( EKM ) & Eqtec Monitoring Platform (EMP).

The waste and biomass gasification plant can be described according to where the main physical – chemical and energy transformations take place in the plant:

  • Waste reception and storage area
  • Gasification Zone
  • System of retention and recirculation of solids
  • Zone of Synthesis Gas Purification
  • Electric Power Generation Zone
  • Zone of Recovery of Thermal Energy
  • Auxiliary Services Area

For more information on Eqtec Gasifier Technology download this PDF