React Energy projects

Newry Biomass

Newry Biomass Limited

Newry Biomass is a 4MW Biomass advanced gasification project located in Newry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. The project is a 50/50 joint venture with Farmer Business Development plc the company’s main shareholder.


800kw Pluckanes Windfarm project

In September 2013 the Company announced the successful energisation of the 800kw Pluckanes wind turbine project, located in Co. Cork, and the export of electricity to the national grid.


12MW Clay Cross Biomass CHP

The Company is currently engaged in the consenting process for a 12MW site in Clay Cross in Derbyshire in cooperation with the Larkfleet Group its co-development partner on the site. 


Single wind turbine projects

The company has received planning permission for six separate single wind turbine projects being the Altilow, Moneygorm, Knockavadra Killuagh Knocksaxon and Knockafreaghaun projects. An application for connection to the national grid has been made for all of the projects. Meteorological masts have also been installed at both the Altilow and Moneygorm sites and wind data collection is on-going. Both of these projects are on track to be construction ready by mid 2014.


Wind Farm Co-Development

Work on the Windfarm projects, which form part of the 52.2MW Co-Development agreement is continuing.