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Clean Technologies

EQTEC plc is a developer and operator of energy infrastructure using clean technologies in the UK and Ireland. The Group was founded in 2005 and listed on the Alternative Investment Market in October 2008 (AIM:EQT).

EQTEC was established with a view to take advantage of the growing opportunities in the clean energy sector. The Group is now a diversified renewable energy company with cash generating and development assets in UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The Group focuses on the Biomass Electricity and Heat sector in the UK, with a capital cost of approximately £0.5 million to £40 million and an electricity output of approximately 4MW to 10MW and a heat output of 200kW to 1MW, and the Wind sector in Ireland. And, specifically focuses on the delivery of projects from green field opportunities, through the planning, grid and construction phases and into cash generating assets.

Biomass Combined Heat and Power (“CHP”) is the use of a power station to simultaneously generate electricity and useful heat. The Biomass fuel used to power the plants is primarily wood and waste wood.

One Mega Watt (“MW”) of output has the potential to provide power to up to 2,000 homes annually. 1MW of Power is produced by converting approximately 7,000 tonnes of wood and wood waste into energy.

The electricity and heat are sold to a third party utility company in the case of electricity generated, or heat end user in the case of heat generated.